What’s the admission criteria? We select based on your mix of skills (so we can make sure we get a broad range of thinking) and your response to the questions (so we can ensure you’ll be a good fit for this way of working).

How does a ThinkSprint work? We work in live formats over short periods with multiple people from around the world in the mix. They’re chosen based on skills relevant to the challenge. There are also moderators who help focus the output. It’s fast, fun and furious!

What’s the talent range in the community? Everything from PhDs to full stack devs, business analysts to UX pros. The shared trait is a love of problem solving that pushes boundaries.

What types of challenge do you work on? They all vary. Some stuff is pretty specific such as optimising a conversion funnnel, other stuff is broader like creating ideas to affect future user behaviour.

What's expected of me? It’s pretty straightforward. If selected for a ThinkSprint you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the brief beforehand and check out the supporting content. Then you need to be free of commitments for the ThinkSprint, which is made up of 5x1 hour sessions over the course of a week.

What will I get paid? £100 per hour

How much notice do you give me before a ThinkSprint? 72 hrs minimum.

How many Sprints can I join? We don’t commit to this since we build teams that are relevant to the challenge. However it’s our vision that each member of the posse will be able to increase what they earn each month in a fair and flexible way.