How do I ensure confidentiality? To join the community all talent must first sign our terms of agreement. These clearly set out restrictions and expectations on client confidentiality. Our process is no different to working with agencies who use external suppliers.

How long does the ThinkSprint process take? It depends on the challenge, but it can be anythng from 1 wk (shortest) to 12 weeks (longest).

What does the output look like?

  1. Innovative value propositions (from the startup thinkers)
  2. Validation data (to prove stuff works)
  3. Implementation plan (to help you scale winners)

Can I see a case study? Yes, drop us a line via the contact form and we can talk you through one relevant to your business challenge.

How do you ensure output is implementable? We have a fast and forensic onboarding process where we understand the core goal, audience(s), dependencies, key milestones and, most importantly, constraints.

How do I manage all the startup thinkers? You don’t. We manage the end to end the process and become your single point of contact.

Can I pick who works on my challenges? As part of the briefing process we will ask you if you have any specific skill sets you wish to be present in the team we put together. If you wish to make tweaks prior to the ThinkSprint itself, you can.

Can I be part of the ThinkSprint process? Yes!