Our Story

We feel the existing approach to consultancy needs a reboot. So we spoke to 50 business leaders from some of the world’s largest consumer brands to help us understand what better looks like.

Bringing their thoughts together we’re designing a platform that taps into a network of the brightest startup thinkers, so we can help the biggest players be 10x faster.

Our Vision

Connect the smartest startup thinkers to the most intriguing business challenges. We see an evolution of work that is increasingly open and flexible, where the most creative problem solvers will be on hand within moments to solve complex challenges, no matter where they are from.

Our Backgrounds

Scott comes from the client side. He has occupied senior roles at global advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi as well as CMO roles at Levis, Activision and Diesel.

Sam comes from the talent side. He has previously built problem solving communities that have created award winning work for international organisations ranging from Hewlett-Packard to Chloé.

Together with our kick ass platform of future thinkers (who may be working from Canada, California or Cameroon), we are ThinkSprint!